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Waveney Consulting

By Richard Proctor.

Telecoms, ATM, Web, Networks design, Switching, Systems analysis, modelling, MPLS, PSTN, ISDN, Numbering, Optic Switching, E-Commerce, standards.

Waveney Consulting provides professional solutions for telecommunications and IT.

Discovery Consultancy

By Richard Proctor.

I am a founder member of this association of independant Telecommunication consultants. Offering professional solutions for telecommunications and IT.

Waveney Web Services

By Richard Proctor.

Advice, Analysis, Website


By Judith and Richard Proctor

The largest Blake's 7 site on the web - This vast web site for my wife is at hermit.org. Please start there.


By Judith and Richard Proctor

At Knightwriter - 1400+ sci-fi and media fanzines (and other things) in over 80 fandoms from 26 suppliers.

Discovery Court Community

By Richard Proctor

For anyone who ever worked at GPT/Marconi at Discovery Court in Poole - keep up with who you knew, where they are and other useful information and trivia.


By Richard Proctor

Some free utilities I have written to aid in the production of web material and the Risc-OS Perlsite.

Riscos / Acorn Perl

Information about Perl on Risc-OS machines, the mailing lists and where to find Risc-OS perl related material.

By Richard Proctor

Whose Page is it anyway

Who we are and where we live (this is on part of the Blake's 7 site).

Family tree stuff


Dupuytren's Contracture

Judith has Dupuytren's Contracture in both hands. It's mild at present, and I hopes it stays that way. This website - morbus dupuytren - has masses of useful information which helped me find out about radiation therapy, which has a good chance of halting further progression of the disease. If you have a lump on the palm of your hand, or difficulty in straightening a finger, check in case it is caused by Dupuytren's.

Why Waveney?.

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