Richard Proctor

28 Diprose Road, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 3QY, England
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I am an Independent Specialist with interests in Telecoms, Video Systems and the Internet.

My key telecoms skills apply to Voice and Data Networks, Broadband, ATM, Switching and Access, where I can use my extensive experience in, software, mathematical modelling, research, system design, problem solving, and strategic thinking. My internet skill sets cover advice, analysis, development, hosting and management of websites and internet based services.

I enjoy applying my skills and knowledge to anything demanding, complex and challenging.


System Design I have led the system design of several projects; for this I have performed risk analysis, equipment design, protocol design, security studies, social studies and customer profiling. Projects included a large network access project (prototype worked but never deployed), a special network for BBC news gathering and interconnecting networks.

Recently I have performed the design, specification and commissioning of a special video network using IPTV for hospitals. This involves liaising with many suppliers of different components, designing the overall system, project management, and integrating the components together. I have generated the system specification for phase 2 of this project, which is waiting funding. Network Design I have been involved with many network design issues modelling traffic flows, growth issues and considering how technology changes the costs of different network elements. I have been personally consulted by BT looking for ways to evolve their telephony network. I was brought in by Marconi to help several operators large and small improve their network design. I developed a Network Resilience Audit Service to check the resilience of networks.

Strategic Studies for Marconi & GPT, I led or advised many strategic studies, including:

ATM I have been at the forefront of ATM (Broadband) design, standardisation, research, applications and strategic directions for over 20 years. I have been frequently called upon for strategic advice, particularly relating to problems in networks, equipment or understanding. With this comes a very wide knowledge of ATM applications, and interworking it with other networks and protocols. Including IP, Frame Relay, MPLS and DSL.

Web Analysis I have developed a good working knowledge of the Web, how sites really work, usability issues and eCommerce. I have developed many websites with online shopping, multi-currency operation and other facilities.


2002 - 2007Waveney Consulting / Waveney Web Services
Established myself as an Independent Specialist. I have developed a Network Resilience Audit Service. As well as offering general Telecoms and ATM expertise, I also provide Website analysis, development and management. I offer courses on problem solving. Clients have included: MobiStar, Nokia, The National Trust, Dorset Wildlife Trust, Dorchester Hospital, Poole Hospital, Yeovil Hospital, Kings College Hospital, The John Lewis Partnership, BT, the ATM Forum, Marconi, VMOG, Tivoli Theatre, CMF, Roalan International, Bristows, ARC Internation and Tenison.
1998 - 2001Marconi
2000 - 2001The ATM Forum's Vice President and web czar. I drove the re-focusing of the forum from work on new specifications to product neutral promotion of the technology. I also drove through the redesign of the forum's web presence; this involved co-ordination of web design, hosting and graphics companies and two different offices of the forum.
1996 - 2001Broadband strategic technical network design, standards co-ordination, switch design consultant, ATM consultant, Network design and modelling. Standards have included ATM Forum, The MSF, IETF, DSL forum, MPLS Forum, ITU-T and ETSI. I successfully got features Marconi wanted into standards at the ATM Forum, ITU-T, IETF and MSF. I also investigated Home Networking technologies and home automation.
1982 - 2001Invited into lots of strategic technical brainstorming sessions on a wide variety of topics, many of which are outside my main specialist area, but involved because of my wide knowledge and ability to dig into new subjects.
1978 - 1998Plessey and GPT
1995 - 1997System design and concepts behind a novel passive optic network access system (prototyped but never deployed). As well as my normal system design, research and modelling; this also included social studies, security studies and customer profiling.
1993 - 1994Led a company wide strategic look at Video on Demand, working with many set-top-box suppliers, broadcasters (BBC, Granada, Sky), computer companies (Sun, DEC, IBM) and network operators. Detailed study of the technology and market. Conclusion - it would work, be attractive, but the technology was too expensive to become a viable service for ~10 years.
1988 - 1996Developed, modeled, simulated and proposed a series of very high performance ATM and general purpose switch designs. This activity had resumed in 2001, looking at optic switching.
1986 - 1991Led, controlled and took part in research, standards and company policy into ATM switching, ATM use and ATM opportunities.
1978 - 1986System X - real time software design and testing, system design, fault finding "Guru", system integration. Called into many projects to "get it working".
1975 - 1977Marconi Avionics (No connection with Marconi above)
Developed special display software for use at Farnborough Airshow, the kernel of an avionics computer, a cross-compiler and a software profile analyser.


SoftwarePerl, C, Assembler, Unix (slightly rusty), Mathematica, MS office, HTML
HardwareAware what can and cannot be done in electronics and optics
System DesignLed, been part of and assisted many teams (including multi-site and multi-continent)
TelecomsATM, MPLS, IP, IPTV, VoD, PSTN, Networks, SDH, Broadband, Teletraffic, Performance, Reliability, Availability, DSPs, IMA, GSMP, Protocols, Routing, Design, ISDN, MANs, WANs, LANs, MPEG.
PresentationalMany presentations (once to 5K people) often with little warning, trained to deal with the press
TechnicalI have helped adjudicate several PhD and research projects at the Universities of Cambridge and Lancaster


Other Activities

Leader of the Sunday Conservation work parties on Brownsea Island.
Board Games, Wildlife, Recreational Maths, Walking, Role Playing Games, Gardening, DIY.
Reading: Science, History, Maths, Travel, Puzzles, Technology

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