Why Waveney

When Judith and I were at the University of East Anglia the campus had 3 residences, Norfolk Terrace, Suffolk Terrace, and Waveney Terrace (named after a river on the Norfolk/Suffolk border).

Guess where I lived in my third year at University, and where Judith spent 5 terms? Yes: Waveney Terrace.

Waveney Terrace has not won any architectural awards, was rarely in any picture of the University, but was comfortable, had a nice view over the broad, did not leak when it rained and was preferred by most students.

After we bought a house, we decided to call it Waveney. When we started our play by mail games, we used the name Waveney. When I wanted a domain for us I looked for Waveney, the .com was taken (cyber squatted), but .org seemed right anyway.

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