Acorn Tools

I have a large selection of Acorn machines at home and use them to generate all these web sites. To do this I have generated some tools that I find useful, it is possible that you will also find them useful.

At present I have only placed one thing here :-


!HTMLTools contains a number of tools for generating HTML, they are useful to the way I generate HTML and may be to you.

These need to be used in conjunction with a suitable editor - I use !Zap with HTML extensions. I also use a web viewer, I use Ants Fresco.

I create a lot of pages for my wife. These I generate directly then create a TAR file with the updates. The TAR file is then FTP'd into the Web space of a friend who gives us a portion of his (vast) web space on a unix machine somewhere. Hence the file name extensions and the use of a TAR file. The curious can see the results at Here.

The tools currently are :-

The Check, Demoranise and New/Changed are in Perl, all have a desktop front end.

Other tools will be added in the future.

Download the Zipped HTMLtools.

Risc-OS / Acorn Perl

I use perl at home, are there any other Acorn Perl users out there?

The Risc-OS / Acorn Perl site.

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