Risc Os / Acorn Perl

Yes there is a port of perl to Risc-OS and yes it is quite up to date.

This is the start of an web site to support the Risc OS use of Perl and link to Risc OS related perl matters on the net.

The Port

The port is maintained by Nicholas Clark. The most up to date version (for perl 5.005_03) can be found at:

Nick's site.

There is also a copy on Hensa, but not necessarily the most up to date.

The Mailing List

There is a mailing list for users of perl on Risc Os.

See detailed instructions.

Perl Editors

There is perl colouring available in Zap, though it sometimes gets confused.


To add anything to this page please contact RichardP@waveney.demon.co.uk.

Last changed on 15th of October 2001

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